Farooq (MD Cinnamon lounge):

Khaled (Red Chilli Curry Club):


"influens were given a very simple brief by us, they gave us exactly what we wanted and more."


Red Chilli Curry Club

"The red chilli web site felt dated and needed a new look to represent the new direction the company was now taking, the team at influens have captured our own imagination and placed it online."



Mujib (MD Taste Continental):


Milad (X-quisite - Art Director) :

Taste Continental

"When we decided to create our company, our vision was to bring to life a brand that didn't look like a fast food chain we wanted a brand that was clean simple and sopisticated. We were thrilled when we found influens. Anwar took our vision and made it come to life."



"words are not enough to explain their imagination"



A Latif (Concept Weddings):


Zakariya Mohammed (Managing Director):

Concept Weddings

"I had a logo done by the Influens team "its has become the centre peice of our brand development." _____________________________________________________


"we asked for brand and site to ooze simplicity and class, we wanted our brand to be clean and sopisticated, something that would strike a cord with our belif of corporate hospitaly at its best.

Influens delivered and some more"